10/06/2017 - Indianapolis, IN - St. Luke's United Methodist Church - "What We Need Is Here: Hope, Hard Times and The Human Possibility" with Parker J. Palmer and Gary Walters

What We Need Is Here

Hope, Hard Times, & The Human Possibility

An Evening of Songs & Spoken Words with Carrie Newcomer, Parker J. Palmer, and Gary Walters

This collaborative project is a dynamic interweaving of music, poetry, prose, personal story, and audience participation. It addresses our individual and collective yearning for a human-scale way of understanding and responding to the challenges of the hard times we're living in. Our hope is to help people move beyond their sense of powerlessness about a world that appears overwhelming and invincible by getting in touch with the powers of the human heart and the human community.

Attributing power to the heart and to community is not the product of wishful thinking—the evidence for that claim is found in history books. These are the powers that have animated major social movements around the world among people who’ve had every external form of power stripped away from them. They had no status, no money, no armies, no friends in high places, no rights. And yet, the power of the human heart—the one power no one can take from us—amplified by community, has animated social movements that have changed the lay and the law of the land. The Civil Rights Movement, the women’s movement, the movements for liberation in Eastern Europe, South Africa, and Latin America are cases in point.

If we want to help create a better world—a more just and more joyful world—we need to know that “what we need is here.” In this show we will reframe power as coming not only from “out there” but also from “in here,” hoping to leave the audience with inspiration and ideas for transcending and transforming the “hard times” we’re in. What we need is here—within us and between us right here, right now.



100 W 86th St, Indianapolis, IN 46260


8:00 PM


$25 advance tickets, $30 at the door.



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